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  • Mazorca Negra

  • Fair Trade

    We promote values such as fair trade and support for producers, for which we have a commercial relationship with various local cooperatives from whom we buy various raw materials (seeds, chili, seasonal fruits, spices), by-products and handicrafts that are sold in stores. We also use 100% Mexican cocoa that comes from Tabasco and Chiapas.

  • Sustainable future

    We seek to publicize, preserve, disseminate, reactivate and take advantage of pre-Hispanic cocoa plantations in the State of Quintana Roo. In alliance with the Rainforest Alliance Mexico and the initiative "Markets for a sustainable future" we have carried out training on handling, care and production of plants with residents of the Cocoa Community in Rio Hondo with the objective of preserving the native cocoa of the region, promote commercial cultivation through sustainable use and sustainable environmental practices.

Mazorca Negra

Who we are

We are dedicated to the production and supply of various products such as chocolates and other cocoa derivatives. We started operations in 2017 at the initiative of two young entrepreneurs who have combined our talents to carry out a project that seeks to highlight the importance of Mexican chocolate made from the best beans, having as its hallmark the rescue of traditional flavors, fusing them with regional ingredients from the Yucatan peninsula such as Havana pepper, pitahaya, xtabentún, coconut, pumpkin seed, among others, which gives our products a unique and differentiated touch. Its ideology is to promote Mexican cocoa culture as well as care and good environmental practices to encourage local consumption with sustainable practices and fair payment to producers of any area.

Our good environmental and responsible practices have allowed us to conserve 8 hectares of forest when it comes to cocoa production. We offer workshops and courses on management and good production practices. Boosting the Mexican cocoa market, and passing on the tradition of treating cocoa with passion and respect as our ancestors did. In this way, the Mazorca Negra chocolate factory rescues the production of Mexican cocoa as a productive activity among rural communities, so we hope that in the medium term, these trainings will be a trigger for income for many families in the area.

Mission: To offer chocolates and other products derived from cocoa with excellent quality to satisfy the palate of our customers based on our combination of innovative flavors, while promoting the conservation and sustainable use of native cocoa and other fruits of southeastern Mexico.

Vision: Within a year Mazorca Negra will be recognized as one of the leading chocolate producers in Quintana Roo and will be positioned in the national and international gourmet market for its excellent quality and continuous innovation.

Our history

Our products

At the commercial level, Mazorca Negra is a registered trademark and the main line of business is concentrated in bars of dark chocolate (70% cocoa), semi-bitter chocolate (58% cocoa), milk chocolate (45% cocoa) and white chocolate, all of which come in a wide variety of flavors. Other products derived from cocoa are also offered, such as wolis, cocoa powder of different flavors, chocolates and truffles mainly. The packaging is made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) food grade paper and has the distinctive “Hecho en Quintana Roo”, the marketing is done through intermediaries and / or directly to the end consumers through a physical store of the brand.

Where to buy our products?
Chocolatería Mazorca Negra has its shop at Calle Primo de Verdad #65, in Chetumal, Mexico. You can also find their products at the Ventolera Restaurant, Hotel Villanueva, located at Calle Carmen Ochoa de Merino #166, Col. centro, Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

We market our products at local, regional, state and national levels so you can find us in various hotels, restaurants, craft shops, retail stores specializing in organic, vegan, healthy and regional products. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, contact us.


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*Delivery time between 3 or 4 business days, or to inventory check.

*If invoice is required, an additional 8% will be charged.

*Payment methods: cash, deposit or interbank transfer.

*The shipping costs are borne by the customer, this amount will be quoted taking into account the specifications of the order with the parcel company.

Contact us

Carmen Ochoa #166, Col. Centro Hotel Tryp Chetumal
Q Roo., Chetumal, México


WhatsApp: 983 168 1256

Mail: ventasmazorcanegra@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mazorcanegra

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mazorcanegramx

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